H I R O S H I M A :


by Doug Long

Below are some of the people who were involved in the atomic bombing of Japan. I've taken a broad approach as to who should be included; for instance, some were involved in the Manhattan Project or were Japanese leaders. There are political leaders and advisors, military men, and scientists, all listed alphabetically. I'll be adding more as time permits. Just click on the names below for a description of the person. Where available, I've listed some of the key books for more information on each person. And remember... this can be like eating peanuts.

LATEST ADDITION (July 8, 2001): Manhattan Project Scientist Niels Bohr

Japanese Minister of War Korechika Anami Admiral William D. Leahy
Under Sec. of the Navy Ralph A. Bard Assistant Sec. of War John J. McCloy
Manhattan Project Scientist Niels Bohr General George C. Marshall
A-Bomb Administrator Vannevar Bush Los Alamos Lab Director J. Robert Oppenheimer
Sec. of State James F. Byrnes Sec. of War Henry L. Stimson
Albert Einstein Scientist Leo Szilard
Under Sec. of State Joseph C. Grew Japanese Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo
General Leslie R. Groves President Harry S Truman
Koichi Kido, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal

More to come...

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