Some Background on Doug Long

My web site, Hiroshima: Was it Necessary?, has been on the Internet since Oct. 23, 1995. The site has won the Critical Mass Award.

I have been studying the atomic bombings since 1985. The bibliography on my web site contains many of the sources I've read on the topic.

Regarding my credentials, I am a retired computer programmer, and in my spare time I have worked as a professional historical consultant on the atomic bombing of Japan.

I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Adrian College (1973) in Adrian, Michigan.

When not otherwise occupied, I root for the Chicago White Sox and Cubs. I do not get my hopes up too high. I also work on my yard and plants. I do not get my hopes up too high. I try to keep rich people from taking over the world. For that I do keep my hopes up.

My wonderful wife encourages me in my web site writings. How lucky can anyone be?