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Romney Hood Be
What is Morality? Mitt Romney Takes a Stand
Song and Dance Men All I Ask of You
Not Voting? Republicans Have the Answer
got romney? It's a Natural Way to Be
Empathy Man Child
GOP Campaign Buttons and Bumper Stickers The One Minute Meaning of Life
Romney's Pledge of Allegiance 'Cuz You're Uninsured
Romney's Campaign Button The Frustration Over Corporation Deregulation Screwed the Nation Blues
Mitt Romney's War on Women Do What Jesus Said
Science Fiction? Or.... Science Fact? We Don't Call it HATE
Wretch-a-Sketch Unhealthy Care
Warriors and Trayvon Martin Nothing I Do Seems to Matter
Don't Eat THIS Ice Cream With God We'd Need No Miracles
Everyone's Least Favorite Soap Opera Stay the Course
Take the "How Will Mitt Spin It?" Quiz!
Heroes of Justice
How We Elect Our Government - a Short Video
Mitt Romney - He'll Betcha!
A Special Message From Mitt "The Flip" Romney
Republicans of the Future
Welcome to Mt. Flushmore!
Did You Know This?
Freedom Isn't Free...
Let's All Sing Along Together!
Dr. Reality's AMAZING Discoveries!
Scrooge McDuck Reveals His Secret
Negamind - the G.O.P. Sequel to Megamind
Ye Olde Republican Agenda
It's Sing-Along Time!
G.O.P. Election Check List
The More Things Change...
Despicable Me/GOP
The Modern Republican Party - a Short Video
We'll Kill This Dog
Darth Vader Explains It All
GOP - me, Me, ME!
A Strange Error Message
OK For ME But Not For Thee
A Message From Pluto
One Dollar, One Vote
He Once Ran For President
The Health With You!
Intelligent Design - The Proof!
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